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About Stellar City

Stellar is a whole new way to market your Service, Products, Voucher, Events and Offer in your City


Everyone will have the opportunity to use and win Tokens. Blockchain tokens embody the full potential of blockchain technology. And allows users to participate in the Stellar City economy, securely and safely, with great transparency.

Augmented Reality

Users can quickly discover all ads located in the city which will facilitate the search time and offer better visibility on all promotions and vouchers in the city. The customer can go directly to store locations, or buy through the app

Better communication

Through messenger sellers can have a better relationship with customers, they can answer them at any time through the app or platform. By using calendar with customers they create a more transparent relationship, because costumers can ask or book an appointment any time

Many functions

Stellar City gives users the opportunity to sell, share ads, order, promote an event or book an appointment. Also they can reserve their favorite services and discover new products in the city. Finally Stellar City offers the possibility to find discount vouchers.

Helper and requester

The App provides solutions for our users to their daily problems very quickly. The Helper and Requester function establishes a connection between a person needing help (Requester) and the person providing help (Helper), using local currency

3D Map

Through 3D Map you can discover vouchers or search for events, products and services and find freelancers in your city. You can also get in contact with local businesses, buy, order or book a product or a service.

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A Beautiful Way to Present

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


Any company can add store locations - worldwide, and manage these stores from anywhere in the world because company and stores will be connected and both will be able to manage their advertisements.

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